I married a Doombot!

Sometimes I look at silly posts about how people can’t stop thinking about their ships and how they cry whenever a song they associate with a ship starts playing and I think “what a bunch of losers. I’m glad my ships don’t rule my life”. But then I remember that one time someone in my dash refereed to Vriska/Kanaya as a rarepair and that I’m still upset because of it.

Two male characters: *never or barely interact in canon*
Fandom: Let's ship them! Who doesn't love crack pairings, right? It's always fun to explore what their interactions with each other would be in a romantic context.
Two female characters: *Never or barely interact in canon*
Fandom: You ship THEM? Why? They never interact in canon so you can't ship them! You just can't! F/F crack pairing? NOOOO!!! THIS IS BLASPHEMY!!! A CRACK PAIRING NEEDS TO HAVE A MAN IN IT!!! IT NEEDS TO HAVE A MAN IN IIIIIIIT!!


i want to read fanfiction but the fics i want to read don’t exist

Because they are all F/F

I would very much like to read an essay about Vrisfef :)


Haha ok then! xD I wish I was better at putting thoughts into words and generally explaining things but here goes (don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make much sense)

The thing is, Vriska and Feferi seem to be very different, which they certainly are, but they are also quite alike in a lot of ways, and I think they would work well together and just looking at the one or two conversations they had in the game panels is enough to see that their dynamic has a lot of potential, in my opinion both for a romantic and platonic type of relationship.

Cutting to the case, both these characters have always very much relied on the impression they make on others. Vriska has obviously always tried very hard to make everyone think she was invincible (and generally badass) and thus she made herself sort of inapproachable, not letting others help her (ex. Kanaya). She had a hard time letting others in and that lead to all of her relationships collapsing, due to her inability to get her positive feeling about others across to them. Feferi, on the other hand, always seems so good and nice and innocent to everyone, right? The majority of the fandom sees her that way, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. She’s a born ruler, a really strong person, and I think she looks down to people sometimes, but she’d never let them know that. She’s way more comfortable in it than Vriska, but she does put up an act of sort.

The thing that really drew my attention to these two was the conversation they had in that interactive game panel on the meteor, because for some reason when talking to each other they act vastly different than usual! Vriska actually expressed a wish to be Feferi’s friend, and didn’t try to bring her down (which she usually did with others to prove to be better than them, I guess) and Feferi wasn’t her regular sweet self either, and didn’t even try to be nice at all while making a joke, which Vriska (!) did not take negatively, but rather appreciated. In conclusion, I believe the core of that interaction was that they see each other as equals and understand one another well enough to be comfortable together, dropping all acts, whatever the nature of their relationship may be.

Thank you for your attention and I’m sorry if anyone’s dissapointed with how this doesn’t make sense at all probably :D

why are they getting arrested what did they do wrong




This started out as theories about the romanticizing of DoloFang and instead just turned into an incomprehensible rant about how the female pirate captain stealing away a helpless girl represents something and is actually really important IMHO 

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Do you like VrisKan? Do you like giving and receiving holiday surprises? I bet you do.

So this year I’m running a little VrisKan themed secret santa! It’s a very simple process, I’ll collect the URLs of people who wish to join, along with a short wishlist, and then (as URLs come in) I’ll begin assigning giftees.

Info and Procedure under the read more!

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Remember, my strong, female characters: never show weakness, not even for a moment, or the fandom will rip you apart like sharks drawn by the blood from a single cut, and then they will begin to devour each other. 

Also don’t fall in love, then you just get in the way of shipping, useless, and takes away and strength you have.

 But even if you don’t fall in love with anyone ever for the rest of your life, the fandom will still accuse you of getting in the way of ships, mostly m/m ships.

As a bonus, any form of meaningful relationship you have with another female character, be it platonic or romantic, will be ignored by the fandom unless they decide to genderbend both of you.




the only bad thing about loving yourself is that you don’t get to have a cool ship name

fuck that, my selfship is called batbat.

my selfship is called shingaception

My selfship will forever be known as Fear Us Not.


It’s not even 2AM yet. How do you expect to out fangirl me, when I am already shipping 3babes1pairing


It’s not even 2AM yet. How do you expect to out fangirl me, when I am already shipping 3babes1pairing